Humans are only humans, where they are playing. Friedrich Schiller knew that over 200 years ago. Today, more and more businesses understand that using game elements and processes in a non-game context can serve as an incredible motivation boost. As gaming experts with interdisciplinary backgrounds we are happy to forward our gamification expertise: in workshops, as consultants or, like in a current project with a large health insurance, when conceptualizing gamified apps.

Furthermore, we are always happy to talk on panels or act as conference speakers. Look forward to pfeffered talks on entrepreneurship, lean culture, bootstrapping, game development, key metrics, product management in games, design thinking, creativity or storytelling.

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Logos Presseberichte

Logos Presseberichte


Teaser Spyday
Spyday was a perfect mix of geocaching, check-in, quiz and social strategy game. Collect tasks at real locations in your city. Solve them on the go and conquer the spots with your spies – They will steal precious points from other players! The awarded game was live from 2012 until 2015.

Teaser Smiley Quiz
Smiley Quiz: The Whatsapp mega trend finally in one quiz app. Download for free and start the fun! Hundreds of riddles to solve from many different fields. You will be stunned how cool emojis can turn a film into a pic quiz. Guess the answers, solve the riddles and submit your own trivia. If you like logo and pic quizzes, this will be an even funnier challenge!